Welcome to Amusingly Katie

Welcome to Amusingly Katie!

I’ve known well before my husband, Patrick, and I decided we were ready to have a baby that I would want to document our journey through a blog. Writing has been a form of therapy for me since I was 7-years-old when I started my first diary and I’ve kept a journal ever since. I actually created this site last spring but didn’t fully commit to it until after learning I was pregnant in August.

I know I’m slightly late to the blogger world but better late than never, right? I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts as I enter the world of motherhood, but please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs. Also, don’t make fun of my novice style and rookie photos. [No time for a photographer and my cash is going to baby Burk!]

ABOUT MY BLOG: This blog will mainly serve as a pregnancy/motherhood realm mixed with various lifestyle knickknacks, such as recipes, home décor and life moments.

ABOUT ME: I grew up in metro Atlanta, where I now live with my husband, Patrick. We’re expecting our first child in April and we couldn’t be more excited. Patrick and I met at the University of Alabama [Roll Tide] and we’ve been together ever since. Professionally, I work as a digital journalist for a news station in Atlanta. I love dogs, I’m an early riser, and storytelling is one of my greatest passions. My favorite food is pizza, but I’m also a sucker for cheese dip. I love my family, hope my parents live forever, and spend most of my time with my best friends from high school. I’m petrified of roaches, even more afraid of scary movies, and wish I could wear pajamas to work. Oh, and I’m still mourning the loss of Michael Jackson. [RIP.]

That just about sums me up… now, back to the blog! Since you’re just now seeing Amusingly Katie, please feel free to look back at older posts, such as when I found out I was pregnant. [A special moment in time spent in a bathroom stall at Target.]

Other pregnancy blog posts:

Top five favorite recipes:

Other lifestyle topics:

Thank you for visiting Amusingly Katie – I hope you enjoy! Feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram, and please send me any story suggestions and/or blog recommendations.



My diaries/journals throughout the years
Doesn’t every little girl own a spy book? [Thanks for the inspo, Harriet]
1996 diary entry: I told you I love my family and that I’m a dog person
My very first diary entry… scandalous
Baby Burk due in April
My husband’s face when I told him I was pregnant… This will be a separate blog post, don’t you worry!

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