Smaller than a blueberry

Dear tiny human growing inside my body,

You may be small, but you’re oh so mighty. Smaller than a blueberry, yet you’re capable of knocking me on my rump in the blink of an eye, crippling my ability to be productive. [The force is strong with this one.]

Last week, when you were the size of a peppercorn, you were able to make tears stream down my face for no reason at all. [Holy emotional!]

I can’t feel you yet, but I know you’re in there making moves, paving the way because you’re destined for greatness.

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, we already know who the boss is in this relationship. I work for you. Hence why when you debilitate me with fatigue, I surrender.

Just like your mama, you like attention. You’ve made that clear when you say hello by overcoming me via nausea, no matter the time of day.

Also like your mama, you’re an early riser. However, I do wish you’d stop forcing me to use the bathroom so early in the morning… That’s just not cool. [TMI, sorry not sorry.]

Next week, you’ll be about the size of a jelly bean. Still so small, but fiercely strong. Speaking of which, please give me back my love of strong coffee. It’s a devastating loss. [They aren’t lying about food aversions in the first trimester.]  

We’ve only known about each other for three weeks, but I can already tell we’re going to be great friends. [Best friends if you bring back coffee.]

Love always,

The larger and exhausted adult human who gave you life

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