Our big announcement

Like most women, I couldn’t wait to reach the 12-week mark of my pregnancy. Not only did 12 weeks mean the first trimester was coming to an end, but also it meant sharing our big news with the world.

Most doctors recommend waiting until 12 weeks to announce you’re pregnant, which felt like forever since we found out super early at just three weeks along. Looking back now, it flew by.

Patrick and I were both over the moon to announce we were having a baby. It’s one of the most important life moments you can share with people. However, gone are the days of simply sharing the news with family and friends. Now, it’s a big production of finding creative ways to share on social media.

It’s kind of funny to me just how much pressure is put on announcing you’re pregnant on Instagram or Facebook. It’s one of the many questions you get asked once you tell someone you’re expecting. “How are you going to announce?!”

With that being said, I’m your typical millennial and was PUMPED to announce on social media. [Instagram first, of course.]

At first, I thought I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and post something like, “Can’t wait to welcome our little pumpkin next spring,” but I decided to go a different route. [My husband called all of my ideas “basic”]

Rewind back to April of 2014. My then-boyfriend, Patrick, decided to propose during his birthday weekend. [His birthday is April 11.] He popped the question in the middle of Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, so the park will forever hold a special place in our hearts. [FYI: I said YES]

Fast-forward to now. Our baby is due around my husband’s birthday in April, so we thought it would be special to go back to our favorite park to take photos for our pregnancy announcement.

We snapped several versions, which included us holding a Roll Tide baby onesie and also us holding a “baby” balloon. I loved all of the photos, but we chose a Roll Tide onesie picture because my husband and I met at the University of Alabama, so it just felt extra meaningful.

We shared our news on social media on the exact day I became 12 weeks. As soon as we announced, we were overjoyed by the sweet comments and congratulations. [View the announcement here]


Also, a very special shoutout to our best friends, Rachel and Matt, who took the photos for us.

We can’t wait to meet our baby!


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