Surviving year one of owning a home

It’s hard to believe, but Patrick and I just celebrated our first anniversary as homeowners. Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun… having fun paying a mortgage, that is.

Owning a home has truly been a blessing, but we’ve learned a lot during our first year. For example, not watering the grass will, in fact, result in massive brown patches growing in the yard. [And likely a fight between spouses.] Or, realizing that the massive tree in the neighbor’s yard will one day be the death of you. And learning to accept the fact that empty rooms aren’t a reflection of your poor decorating skills, but more so your bank account.

Don’t get me wrong – owning a home has been great. But, it blows my mind how so many people can buy a new place and have it looking like a spread in Southern Living within weeks of moving in. [I’m actually just jealous of these super humans.]

Instead of trying to convince you that my home sweet home is a perfect example of the “American Dream,” I’ve decided to reveal what it’s really like after purchasing a home for the average joe, like me.

SO listen up, first time homebuyers – I dedicate this blog post to you!

“There’s no place like home.” -Dorothy 

Prepare yourself to feel frustrated:

  • When you can’t furnish every room right away
  • When you compare your home to your friends’ homes [Don’t do that to yourself]
  • When you get slapped for the most random bills [Such as $50 from the homeowner’s association for not remembering to repaint your mailbox because that’s for some reason a thing]
  • When you have to spend countless hours raking leaves that fall from a tree that’s not even in your yard
  • When a bird decides to build a nest above your front door [let it be]
  • When you learn what “bee poop” looks like because of the large amount stained on the front of your home [Good luck scrubbing]
  • When you realize that laying new mulch is actually an all-day task
  • When you accidentally step into a hole in your backyard and find out the hard way that baby bunnies make weird noises [Don’t worry, they survived]
  • When your appliances begin to break [and so does your heart]
  • When your neighbors don’t bring you freshly-baked cookies after moving in [That’s what they always do in the movies]
  • When your husband says he’s going to fix the running toilet & somehow manages to make it worse
  • When your husband gets mad at you for not being grateful he fixed the toilet [Because he actually made it worse]
  • When you find out the vacation you were saving for is now money that will go toward repairing the side of the outside of your home [Still so icy over this…]
  • When a year has flown by and you still have two empty rooms in your home

Yep, it’s been a financially exhausting 12 months, filled with many highs and some lows, but we’ve had the best time turning our house into a home. It may be somewhat empty, but the memories and laughter outweigh the lack of furniture and décor.

Prepare yourself to feel happy:

  • When the eggs hatch from the nest a bird built above your front door & you realize it’s a foreshadowing of your own life
  • When your husband DOES finally figure out how to fix the running toilet [$200 and three trips to Home Depot later]
  • When instead of cookies, your sweet neighbor brings you a plate of freshly cooked Indian food and you realize you were the one who should have baked YOUR neighbors some cookies
  • When you no longer have to walk to a parking garage, because you get to park in YOUR driveway
  • When you DO finish furnishing a room and your husband tells you how “homey” it feels [Even though he still doesn’t recognize when you cut your hair]
  • When your husband is giddy over buying a nice edger, then wants to spend hours working on the yard [In a perfect world, you’re sipping a mimosa – but in reality, you’re outside helping trim the hedges]
  • When you see what your home looks like for the first time after 6-inches of snow falls in your area [Winter Wonderland… magical!]
  • When you finally own a kitchen table and eat in YOUR dining room for the first time, as a family
  • When your grass DOES turn back green in the spring [We really weren’t sure this would happen]
  • When the temps get cold enough to enjoy a warm fire in YOUR fireplace
  • When you walk through your door after a long day at work and have the feeling of, “It feels so good to be home”
  • When you finally have enough money to fix the outside of your home, but then find out you’re pregnant
  • When a year has flown by, and you realize one of the two empty rooms will now become a nursery…

Can’t wait to see what year two of owning a home will bring!


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