Bumpdate: 20 weeks

I absolutely LOVE Christmastime. All the bright lights, beautiful decorations, and cheerful music. I’m especially loving this holiday season because of the tiny present growing in my belly. [Thanks, Santa]

It’s hard to believe, but I’m already halfway through my pregnancy. [Um, WHAT?!] The first 20 weeks flew by, which kinda freaks me out because I need the next 20 to slow down a bit. We haven’t even registered yet. We should probably take care of that…

Going forward, I want to give you a “bumpdate” every month or so, starting with the halfway mark, week 20.

This week, we had our anatomy scan appointment, which is basically a super detailed ultrasound. It also allows you to find out the gender of the baby, but since we are having a gender reveal party in a few weeks, we opted not to know. [AND IT’S KILLING ME!]

Anyways, our appointment went very well and the doctor said the baby is looking great.


  • How far along: 20 weeks
  • Due date: April 2019
  • Baby size: About the size of a banana and measuring around ¾ of a pound [I think that’s what they said]
  • Baby heart rate: 155 bpm [It was 133 at the last appointment several weeks ago]
  • Weight gain: Can we not?
  • Gender: We’ll know soon!
  • Symptoms/how I’m feeling: Nausea has been going strong, but it seems to be getting better [Knock on wood]
  • Movement: Still on flutter watch. I learned at our appointment my placenta is anterior, which means feeling flutters and kicks will be slightly delayed. With that being said, the baby was a spaz during the ultrasound and wouldn’t stop moving!
  • Baby’s position: Head down/anterior [I think]
  • Sleep: LOL, good one. I normally sleep on my back, so trying to sleep on my side has been a real treat. I also wake up 2-3 times per night to pee.
  • Cravings: Salty one minute, sweet the next. Thanksgiving was pure bliss.
  • Exercise: Trying to do cardio four times a week
  • Missing: Wine and sleeping on my back
  • Clothing: I have been living in my Blanqi maternity leggings
  • Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! Patrick thinks it’s a boy and I think it’s a girl.
  • Happenings: We have slowly started cleaning out what will be the nursery, but haven’t done much. [By “we” I mean me.] We also plan on registering in the next few weeks.
  • Best moment: Anytime I see Patrick get excited when talking about our baby. [Now that gives me flutters.]
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