Tis the season for Christmas jammies

Happy December! It’s the hap-happiest season of all. It’s also the official start of CHRISTMAS JAMMY SZN! [Praise be.]

If I could wear pajamas every single day of the week, I would. In fact, I love them so much that my 29th birthday was a pajama party – one of my favorite celebrations ever. [See photo from party]

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, my love of jammies has only increased with a desire to be in them ALL.THE.TIME.

One of the first maternity purchases I made was a pair of pajamas from Motherhood Maternity. [My mom actually bought them for me as a birthday present.] I was hardly showing when I got them back in September, but started wearing them immediately. I’m not lying when I say they are the softest pair of pajamas I’ve ever worn. EVER! [Order them here]

Since I loved my first Motherhood Maternity pajama set so much, I knew exactly where to turn for some Christmas PJ’s…

I ordered the “Pull Down Henley” set and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Actually, multiply that happiness by three because two of my best friends, Katelyn & Kate [who are also pregnant], bought the same pajamas. We all agree they are super soft, accommodating to all bump sizes, and will be perfect for nursing. [Order your normal pre-pregnancy size.]

We [the pregnant ladies] bought the same pair of jammies so we could be matching at our friend’s Christmas pajama party. [Is it weird that I go to so many pajamas parties at 30-years-old? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!]  We were joined by all of our other best girlfriends and had fun listening to Christmas songs and exchanging gifts. [Does anyone else get anxiety from playing White Elephant?]

It’s not too late to order your pair of maternity Christmas pajamas and I highly suggest the ones my friends and I purchased. They’ll arrive in plenty of time to have them on as you open presents Christmas morning. [Or, if you’re like me, have them on at all times of the day.]

If you’re not interested in having a holiday design on your PJ’s, then try going with the Motherhood Maternity Cuffed Sleep Pant paired with the matching Henley top.


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