Baby B’s Nursery Reveal

Welcome to my happy place! No room in my entire home sparks more joy than my little girl’s nursery. It’s finally finished and I’m so in love with every tiny detail.

“Thank heaven for little girls.” 

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I knew I wanted to make her room very feminine with lots of pink. [Hopefully they got the gender right…]


I often get overwhelmed when it comes to interior design, mainly because I get so excited when decorating a new space. To keep that from happening, especially while pregnant, I tried to stick to a color theme and go from there. I focussed on having different shades of pink and white with subtle gold accents. [I’ll probably regret all the white when I’m trying to get poop out of a shag rug, but whatevs.]

I also knew from the very beginning that I wanted a wallpapered wall, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

Having high wainscotting made the application a little easier since there wasn’t as much wall to cover, but I would definitely recommend the peel-and-stick wallpaper to anyone considering it. 

There are several aspects to the nursery that are especially meaningful, such as my wedding bouquet hanging on one of the walls. I also framed a sweet lyric from a Queen song because I’ve listened to Queen throughout my entire pregnancy after seeing the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. [Some of her first kicks were to “Somebody to Love.”] 

You’ll also notice lots of elephants in honor of the University of Alabama, where my husband and I first met. [Roll Tide]  Then, on baby B’s closet bookshelf, you’ll see a teddy bear in a cheerleader uniform. The bear was mine – I cheered in high school. [Lassiter Trojan 4 Lyfe]

“Cuddles, kisses, snuggles, & love… that is what baby girls are made of.” 

I hope my daughter one day loves her room as much as I love it. As soon as I step foot in her nursery, I instantly feel overwhelmed with happiness and just can’t wait to watch her grow in it over the years to come.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve listed all of the items featured in baby Burk’s room. I’ve also provided more detailed item reviews on some of the bigger purchases, such as the wallpaper and glider.

Sorry for the picture overload…

A HUGE thank you to my mama, Jan, who spent countless hours helping me with the nursery. Not only did she buy some of the sweet knickknacks, such as everything featured on the end table next to the glider, she also handled every part of the paint process and helped me decide on the color “Opal” by Benjamin Moore. On posterboard, Opal appeared more tan, but once we put a sample on the wall, it was the faintest shade of pale pink, which was exactly what I wanted.

My mom also helped me organize all of baby B’s new items – I would literally be lost without her. [Also, thanks to my dad, Chip, who helped my mom paint the nursery. I’m not sure if he’ll ever read this, but just in case he does – thank you! I especially love the paint that fell onto the wainscotting while he was rolling the walls. We couldn’t remove it, but I consider it a love stain.]


WALLPAPER: If you’re considering wallpaper, I can’t praise Rocky Mountain Decals enough. I purchased through Etsy & they quickly responded to all of my questions. I gave them my wall measurements, and they told me exactly what sizes I would need. They were spot on with the needed amount and the final product turned out beautiful. As for the application process, it’s very time-consuming; however, if you pack some patience and pay close attention to the details, it’s not difficult to do. In fact, I handled the wallpaper all by myself. Rocky Mountain Decals provides detailed instructions and even gives you the smoothing tool, making the process as easy as possible for the consumer.

DRESSER: I’m so glad I went with the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser from Ikea. I’m 5’9″ and it was recommended by my friend, Alyse, who is also tall. She said it was really nice having a larger dresser and not having to hunch over a shorter changing table. Not only is it taller than most changing tables, but longer too – allowing for lots of storage. It comes with black nobs, which I spray-painted gold. [Buy spray paint here in “gold.”For less than $100, you can use Ikea’s TaskRabbit to put the dresser together, but my husband is stubborn and insisted on doing it himself. It took him about 4-5 hours total because there are many parts, but he did a great job. Regardless, you can’t beat the price for the quality of the piece.

GLIDER: I went with the Soho Comfort Swivel Glider after lots and lots of research. I knew I wanted a true-white glider, but didn’t want to break the bank on a piece of furniture that will likely be covered in spit up. So, I landed on this one! On Wayfair, it had over 950 reviews, almost all of which were extremely positive. A number of consumers said they loved the higher back to the chair, which is important if you are taller. My husband and I are both tall and we each agree it was a great purchase. Is it the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in? No, BUT you can’t beat the price for the quality of the product. 100% recommend! Easy to assemble, too.


16 thoughts on “Baby B’s Nursery Reveal

  1. What a gorgeous nursery! So
    Chic! I’m going to try this wallpaper thing on my own as well, thanks for sharing about the shop.


  2. I clicked on the Opal paint link and I think it’s for the board and batten. It looks way too cream to be the pink wall color. Do you know what color pink you used? I’m sorry if it’s listed somewhere. I read twice and couldn’t find that info


    1. It was def Opal! It seemed cream when we put it on poster board along with several other pale pink shades, but when we hung it up on the walls it was the softest shade of pale pink! It’s a dark lighting room. Not much natural light. Benjamin Moore Opal.


  3. Hi! I know this is from a while ago but your nursery is my inspo! Such a gorgeous dainty look and feel. I was wondering what type of wood/mdf you used for the batton board (1×4? 1×3?). Also did you paint it white or is it more of an off white? Thanks so much in advance!!!


  4. Hi! I love this look! Can you share how high you did your board and batten. That’s exactly the look I’m wanting!


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