#MomGoals: Jessie

As I get closer to entering my third trimester, I find comfort in knowing I have a solid support system of best friends who have already started having kids. I literally know nothing about becoming a mom, and it’s already been a blessing having them to turn to in times of doubt. For example, picking out items for my baby registry. [Major headache.] Butt paste? Rectal thermometers? I’m in over my head, but they have helped me tremendously throughout the process. [So has my mom, of course!]

One of those trusty mom friends of mine includes my sweet bestie, Jessie, and New Year’s Eve marks her 30th birthday. [I’ve known both Jessie and her husband, Patrick, since middle school.]

Jessie was the first in our crew to get pregnant. She knew right away that she wanted to start popping out babies, and let me just tell you – it’s something she’s GREAT at.

In May of 2016, she welcomed her first son, Hank. It’s been the coolest experience as her friend getting to watch her grow as a parent and I have LOVED seeing her transform into a rockstar mom.

From day one she’s taken the greatest approach at parenting. When Hank was born, she and her husband, Patrick, were like, “Look dude, we don’t even know you,” and it was them against him. I think many parents struggle with their marriage because they are dedicating all their time and energy to their children, but after having Hank, it seemed like their relationship became even stronger.

For me personally, I wasn’t ready to have a baby right away after I got married in 2015. [My husband was though.] We were married for more than three years before I got sick with the baby fever and I didn’t fully came down with the disease until I was exposed to a tiny heartthrob whose dimples melted my soul. That would be Jessie’s son, Hank. [If you aren’t ready for a child, I highly advise you stay away from those dimples!]

My husband and I live in the same neighborhood as Pat and Jessie, and being around Hank even more made me realize we were truly ready to have one of our own. Why you ask? It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try…

Most people get baby fever after witnessing the sweet moments shared between a parent and their child, but it was the opposite for me. I got to witness first-hand the meltdowns and temper tantrums as Hank entered into his “terrible 2’s.” It was watching how Jessie and Pat handled the tougher times, then realizing, “I’m ready for the tantrums, too.” I know that sounds crazy, but nothing about being a parent is easy. This tiny human enters the world and literally sucks the life out of you, leaving you so exhausted, emotional and often delirious, but at the same time it’s the most rewarding experience you’ll ever go through in life.

Jessie and Pat chose to be a team against Hank and that’s exactly how I want to approach parenthood when we meet our little one. Hank is also their world and they would literally do anything for him. That includes renting a cabin for a weekend to go chase dinosaurs…

Now, the second part to my baby fever is the more popular aspect: the sweet moments. I felt so excited for Jessie when Hank learned his first word, when he started walking, when he would come home from daycare singing new songs, when he learned my name – I could go on and on. [That last part I was more excited for myself.] Jessie often sends me videos of Hank saying hello to me and it just knocks me off my feet it’s so damn cute. I’ve loved being there when he’s not feeling well and just wants his mommy, when he’s in the mood to cuddle, when he cries because he wants his dad to hold him, or when he claps for himself feeling so proud of something he did. And often times, after those tempter tantrums, that’s when you get the greatest glimpse of the sweeter moments in life. The feeling of remorse and just wanting to be close to his parents. When that happens, it’s as if the tantrum never even existed.

Yep, I’m ready for all of it. [Thanks, Hankie Bear.]

Jessie is #MomGoals all the way. When I first started writing this, she was pregnant with baby number two while vacationing in Vegas with her husband. Does that not sound friggin’ glorious?! That’s another thing that I admire about Jessie – she’s living her best life as a parent. I mean, who goes to Vegas while pregnant? Jessie does.

All of my friends who are parents have done an incredible job of maintaining their social lives. Do they still go out to the bars and get drunk until the wee hours of the morning? Hell no, that sounds miserable! However, they do a wonderful job of maintaining their friendships and finding ways to still have fun with their kids being present. [House parties, baby! #ThisIs30]

In October, Jessie welcomed another little boy, Beau. Since his arrival, she’s only impressed me even more as both a mother and a friend. Is she exhausted? Yes. Is it tough? Hell yes. Would she love a weekend away from her kids? Probably yes. Would she have her life any other way? Absolutely not.

Jessie is a suburban mom to the extreme and she’s one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t have time for the fake Instagram life, and could care less about material things. [With that being said, she’s never been more excited than the time her husband surprised her with a Louis Vuitton… she is a woman, after all!]

Dear Jessie, on your 30th birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world, my sweet friend. Thank you for being there whenever one of your friends needs you, for always answering my ridiculous questions, for ultimately helping me realize I was ready to have a baby of my own, and for being the best role model for any parent-to-be. I hope to be half the mother you are and can’t wait for our babies to be in the same grade and to grow up together. I love you so much and I’m so thankful I get to help you celebrate your special milestone! [Just wishing we could both drink as you celebrate. Ugh.] Love always, Katie

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