Having fun with some old wives’ tales

I’ve never been more excited for a work week to be over as I am right now. That’s because Patrick and I find out our baby’s gender this weekend. [AHH!!]

While we could care less whether baby Burk is a boy or a girl, we still have our predictions. Patrick has been team blue from day one, saying he’s 98% sure it’s a boy. I’ve gone back and forth, but going into the weekend I’m predicting it’s a girl. We will be over the moon either way.

We decided to have some fun with a few old wives’ tales ahead of finding out. Most signs are pointing toward… boy! [Which probably means girl, right?]


Here are the results:

Needle test: BOY. Patrick’s grandmother is often accurate in her gender predictions using her handy needle test. She took a needle, tied it to a piece of thread, and held it over my right wrist. Circular/round motion means girl, back and forth means boy. The needle went back and forth… twice.

Ring test: BOY. How it works: Tie a piece of the mother’s hair to her wedding band, then have the dad hold it over her belly. Back and forth means girl & circular motion means boy. The ring went round and round.

Urine test: BOY: [I know, ew.] Pour baking soda into a cup, then pee into the cup. If baking soda fizzes it’s a boy, and if it doesn’t then it’s a girl. I accidentally peed into the cup before adding the baking soda, so I’m not sure how accurate the results were, BUT the sample did start to bubble.

Eye test: BOY: Stare into a mirror for about a minute and if your pupils become dilated you’re having a boy. If they don’t it means a girl. My pupils definitely were dilated. [If you watch the video, please ignore the zit on my face… breakouts are a sign of girl by the way.]

More old wives’ tales:

WATCH: Having fun with some old wives’ tales

Who knows if these old wives’ tales actually mean anything, but if they do it looks like baby Burk will be a boy. [But, I still think it’s a girl.]

I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what we are having!

*Special thanks to my sister in law, Sarah Kathryn, for helping me record the videos & to Patrick’s grandmother, for also helping with the gender predictions*


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