Brooklyn’s Baggage: Stroller Arch

Babies come with a lot of baggage. No denying that! Introducing my newest segment/series/feature/whatever you want to call it: Brooklyn’s Baggage.

I recently hosted a bridal shower for my future sister in law and it was pretty eye-opening because it made me realize just how much crap we’ve accumulated since March 27, the day Brooklyn was born. Actually, we started garnering gadgets months before then, but who’s counting?

Getting ready for the shower, I cleaned the heck out of my home. AKA: I stuffed dozens of Brookie-related items into the upstairs guest bedroom. I’m now dreading the next time we have a guest sleep in there because it’ll force me to have to go through it all. [Oy vey]

Okay, now I’m getting sidetracked – back to the baby crap. While I was cleaning, I realized my kid has a lot of things, and she’s not even 4-months-old yet. Gone are the days of my house looking squeaky clean with zero signs of a tiny roommate and her colorful clobber.

BUT, we would be lost without many of these items, so I figured why not start sharing some of them with you?

First up, the Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroller Arch. This thing is awesome, y’all. [Thanks to my friends Katelyn and Kate for recommending.]  It easily attaches to bouncers, sit-up chairs, strollers, bassinets, car seats, you name it. The toys on it are perfect for hand-eye coordination, and it helps them gradually learn to control their hands.

Brooklyn is still somewhat robotic in her hand-behavior, often looking like “Weekend at Bernie’s” one minute and “Fight Club” the next. So, this thing is great for helping her figure out those fingers.

Did I mention it’s only $19.99 on Amazon? YAS QUEEN.


Brookie gives it 5/5 bottles!

Also featured: Stroller arch attached to the Babybjorn bouncer.

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