Brooklyn: One Month Old

Dear Brooklyn,

It’s hard to believe that it has already been one month since March 27, 2019, which was the day you made your grand entrance into the world.

Your dad and I are obsessed with you. We could just stare at your big eyes for hours! We aren’t sure yet if they’ll be blue like your dad’s or brown like mine.

Since you were born, you’ve gained two pounds – you’re up to 8 lbs. and growing so quickly. I could literally eat your arm rolls and can’t get enough of your double chin. You’ve been wearing size preemie but you’re starting to fit nicely into newborn.

We are pretty sure you are going to be very talkative when you’re older. You make sounds all the time. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. That often includes baby dinosaur-like roars, but also grunts, soft coos and silly giggles. The giggles sound like you’re up to no good and they are often followed by a dirty diaper… [Speaking of diapers, we’d love for you to stop peeing on us ever time we change you.]

You LOVE putting your hands and fists into your mouth. You also love taking baths. As soon as we put you in the tub, you get into this chill mode and have a grin throughout your entire bath. [Yes, you’ve pooped in the tub.]

Did I mention you often make this hilarious Zoolander “blue steel” face, pursing your lips. It melts me. When you make that face, tiny mouth dimples appear and my heart quadruples in size.

Right now, you eat every three hours [4 ounces] and sleep in between feedings. Sometimes you’ll gift us with a 3.5-hour sleep overnight, which is so sweet of you. You’re also still sleeping in our room because your mama has separation anxiety.

Your first trip to the ER was about one week after you were born. Your mom and dad are first time parents and didn’t realize belly breathing was/is normal. [Fun times]

Your favorite song is “Brookie Brookie Bear Bear” which is some random tune your dad made up in the hospital, and has been singing ever since. He has sang it to you multiple times a day since the day you were born.

Everyone says you look just like your dad, and I would have to agree. I think you have mama’s chubby cheeks though, and maybe my nose too? We’ll see.

You’ve quickly garnered several nicknames, including: Brookie, Brookie Cookie, the Cookster, BLB, & Brookie Bear.

You haven’t been in this world for very long, but you are so loved. You’ve given me a whole new purpose in life and bring me more joy than I ever thought possible. [As well as some serious bags under my eyes.]

Can’t wait to watch you continue to grow, but also wouldn’t mind for time to slow down.

Okay, you’re crying so I gotta go. Even though I actually think it’s the fake cry you do just to get us to hold you… which always works.



PS: I love you

PSS: I’m tired

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