Queen B is 6 months old

Dear Brooklyn,

My Blissful, Radiant, Outgoing, Observant, Kind, Loving, Youthful, Notable little girl. I’ve only known you for six months, but I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

If I’m having a bad day, one look at your squishy face will instantly turn my frown upside down. Especially when I see that gummy grin. By the way, you now have two bottom teeth, and those pearly whites melt my heart into a million little pieces.

You already have a huge personality with so many quirks, and you make me laugh every single day.

Here are a few reasons why…

• You spin around your crib about ten times a night, hence your nickname “Monkey Girl.” You also do this leg press thing onto your mattress, which literally rattles the house. [The force is strong with this one.]

• You love caressing your daddy’s face as you down a bottle, and if you’re really hungry you’ll kick your feet as a sign of pure joy the second milk hits your tongue. That said, you’re still a slow eater.

• You often work hard to eat your toes but usually settle for your fists.

• “Ohhhhhhh.” “Uhhhhhh-huh.” “Lay-del-lay-del-lay.” Three of your most endearing phrases. You also love to giggle and have lately been doing this fake-cry/cackle thing when you want attention. [Always works, by the way.]

One day when you’re older, these are a few things you should know about your 6-month-old self…

• You’re a woman who knows what she wants. Such as pureed butternut squash. You also know what you don’t want. AKA: tummy time. I think it’s because you’re a social butterfly and you don’t want to miss out on anything going on when lying on your stomach. [By the way, you’re not a butterfly. You’re a bee. Queen B, to be exact.]

• You’re flexible and adaptive. You have two working parents, so you spend a good amount of time with your friends at daycare or with your Gammy. I so wish I could be the one caring for you all day every day, but I’m thankful you’re surrounded by people who adore you when I’m not around.

• You thrive during bath time. We bathe you every night and beforehand you do the “naked baby dance.” It’s part of something your dad and I call Club Bath Time. Your dad holds you up on the bathroom counter and lets you dance in your birthday suit. You break it down to techno club music vocalized by your dad, of course. Without fail, you beam with excitement every time the beat drops.

• You’re a mama’s girl. [Do NOT tell your dad I said that.]  You love us both, but sometimes you just want your mommy. That was the case on my 31st birthday this week when you weren’t feeling well. You just wanted to be held by your mama. Quite frankly, little girl, there’s no other way I would have wanted to spend my birthday.

• Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, says you look just like your dad. While I agree, please never forget who squeezed you out of her lady bits after 34+ hours of labor. [Just sayin’]

A few other things before I forget…

• Your hair is finally starting to grow. Slowly, but surely.

• You’re a stellar sleeper. [I can’t thank you enough for that.]

• You’re close to sitting up on your own, but still not interested in rolling over.

• Your diapers are really starting to stink. [Like, REALLY smelly.]

• Your knee rolls give me life, and sometimes I want to spread butter on those bad boys.

• You’re the happiest when you first wake up in the morning.

• Lastly, let’s discuss your chubby cheeks. I love all of your tiny features, but those cheeks are just something special.

I love you so much, baby girl. Being your mom is the greatest job on the planet and leaves me with the fullest heart. You’re the answer to my prayers and the storyline of my dreams. My sunshine on a cloudy day, and my best friend for life.

You inspire me to be the best version of myself. Looking forward to the next six months.

All my love,



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