Maxx50Challenge: Get all the baby things for $50 at T.J.Maxx

Babies are expensive and they grow like wildfire. That’s why I’m thankful for stores like T.J.Maxx where quality items are offered at great prices.

I recently took over T.J.Maxx’s Instagram account and participated in the #Maxx50Challenge. [Pinch me – one of my favorite stores, ever!] 

Here’s how the challenge works: Figure out what all you can get for $50 at a local T.J.Maxx.

Okay, Teej. Challenge accepted.

I decided to focus my challenge on baby items to find all the things for Brooklyn. She’s almost 6-months-old and she’s going through clothes faster than a babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up. She loves being read to and toys are all the rage. Oh, and she’s teething so the drool is on another level.

Needless to say, she requires a lot of stuff and grows out of things every few months. That’s why I was over the moon to collaborate with T.J.Maxx for this challenge.

The shopping trip was super successful. I got the following items for a total of $50.03:

  • Bandana bib set $3.00
  • Strawberry outfit $5.50
  • Pink outfit set with matching bow $7.99
  • Elephant toy chiming pal $5.99
  • Lights and sounds stacker toy $6.00
  • “Always I Love You Always” book $6.99
  • Book #2 $3.99
  • Orbit rattle toy $4.99
  • Bag to carry everything $.99

That’s nine items, y’all. NINE! Please tell me what you could get at a department store for $50. I’ll wait…

Here’s the thing about babies. They have no clue where all of their clothes, toys, bibs, etc., come from. So, why on earth would you spend an obscene amount of money on those things? Sure, I splurge here and there, but for the most part, I depend on places like T.J.Maxx. Not only are the prices incredible and the items are on-trend, but they also have designer and brand names.

Brooklyn is going to look adorable in her new outfits and she’s already loving her T.J. toys.

Shop smart. End of story.


T.J.Maxx partner / Sponsored by T.J.Maxx

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